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There are literally hundreds of solution providers to choose from and negotiate with. You have more important things to do, like grow your business and build relationships with your clients.

  • Bandwidth Bid Aggregation
  • Cloud Bid Aggregation
  • Multiple Carrier Billing Aggregation
  • Real-time Quoting & Bid system
  • Business DSL options
  • Business Cable options
  • Wireless Broadband options
  • Satellite High-Speed Internet options
  • EoC & Fiber options
  • SD-WAN
  • VoIP and Mobility Phone Applications
  • IoT & MTM Device Monitoring
  • Data Center Sales
  • Escalated Trouble Tickets
  • Expert Support & Consultation


No Markups or Hidden Costs


24 Hour Customer Support & Escalated Trouble Tickets


31 Years of B2B Focus

GigaBidder - Your Best Connection

Our Vision

Gigabidder’s role is to bridge the gap between your business, your clients, and the companies that provide phone, internet, and cloud services. We streamline the process of finding and negotiating with bandwidth and cloud services providers, including new purchases, upgrades, plan changes or re-negotiations.

We do all the legwork for you, and at no extra cost to your clients.

To do this, we maintain strong working relationships with IT professionals at over fifty phone companies, ISP’s and Cloud Providers, including AT&T, Comcast, Wave, Spectrum, XO Communications, and more.

Our talented management team has over 30 years of combined experience with telecommunications products, solutions, and related technologies, allowing us to connect you with the best, most innovative, and cost-effective bandwidth and cloud services providers. GigaBidder helps companies improve customer service and achieve new heights; These skills will increasingly be needed in the more connected work world that continues to evolve around us.

Objectivity & Neutrality

As a carrier-neutral broker of services, we don’t play favorites and aren’t biased towards any certain service provider(s). We have access to over 60 carriers, which means we can find the right service and solutions that will fit you best, every time.

Guidance & Support

Even though you may only sign a telecommunications contract every few years, we help companies sign these contracts every single day. By using proprietary real-time pricing software, we are able to provide comprehensive quote aggregations from all carriers in any given location. We help assist and guide you through the entire process of choosing an appropriate provider, provisioning, as well as any customer service issues that may arise.

Carrier Leverage

By running a significant volume of traffic through our providers, our firm has access to exclusive pricing & discounts that you just can’t get direct, or even with another broker for that matter. In fact, our parent company, Bandwidth Bidder, was the top sales partner with many of our carriers – which grants us the ability to provide a low price guarantee, and ultimately will benefit you if you do business with us.

Low Price Guarantee

No markups. No hidden fees. You won’t find better deals or lower pricing by going directly to our vendors, nor by going to another broker who sells these same services. More explanation in the point above.

Technology Partners

At Gigabidder we partner with an ever-evolving list of carefully selected technology companies to supply solutions that add-to & complement our offerings. By working with GigaBidder, your business gets exclusive means and access to resources that help you gain more business, support your clients, generate new opportunities, and grow your profitability.

About Us

As a company, we are a real-time Bandwidth and Cloud sourcing agency, availing various internet solutions to companies both locally and abroad. Specifically, at Gigabidder we fill the gap that exists between ISP’s and companies, providing real-time quotes for all major internet services in any location. Our services are always direct with the carriers as we are NOT a 3rd party reseller. Simply, we leverage our carrier relationships to get exclusive pricing and discounts – similar to an Expedia or a Travelocity – and we get paid by the carriers for bringing your business to them. This way, our model is a true win-win of resources, providing you a white glove treatment directly from the provider and ourselves. In short, we allow clients to save time, money, and effort – making internet services simpler and more efficient.

With our parent company, Bandwidth Bidder, we have over 30+ years of B2B experience in the telecom industry and always aim to provide exceptional value to our clients, supplying the best solutions at the best price. We also aim to extend services for our international markets, providing more trustworthy services and expanding our client & carrier base.

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