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What Are The Benefits Of Using The Cloud?

by | Jun 14, 2020

There are many benefits to using cloud services.

The most obvious reason you would use the cloud is to store data. In the days before cloud storage, you would save your precious files on a laptop or PC. But what happened if your computer was stolen or your hard-drive became corrupted? You would lose your work forever.

Sure, you could backup your files to a CD or external drive, but what if your house burnt down? You’d still lose everything.

This is why cloud storage is so appealing. Your precious files are backed up in multiple server farms, plus you can also access your data on various devices from anywhere in the world. How cool is that?

But that’s not the only benefit of using the cloud. Cloud-based services, such as Google Docs, free you up from having to download and store computer programs locally on your laptop or tablet. Instead, you can access Google Docs from multiple devices whenever you need to: at home, or at work, or in a cafe drinking coffee and eating cake.

What Are Some Risks Of Cloud Computing Technology?

Of course, no matter how convenient it is to use the cloud, there can be some risks attached to cloud computing. As careful as companies are to ensure your data is backed-up securely, there have been some cases where hackers have unlawfully accessed cloud-based data. In some rare cases, some cloud-based storage companies have even lost user data despite all the care taken to backup user data in multiple locations.

Of course, the other issue with cloud services is that they’re only available when you have access to the Internet. If your Internet provider has a service interruption, or if you’re somewhere where you can’t access the Internet, then cloud-based services are of no use at all.

But despite these reservations, the introduction of cloud computing has improved our lives for the better. Where would we be without Netflix or Google Docs or any number of amazing cloud-based services? It’s difficult to imagine a world with “the cloud” anymore.


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